BRRiJ Solutions Inc. is a digital content studio that combines emerging technologies with creative brands to bring new ideas to life. We focus on creating new ways for people to interact with tech through XR for a more dynamic engagement.

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GWork From Home Solutions

Work From Home

Conducting business remotely at home with the right tools and proper cybersecurity.

GLED Digital Display Solutions

LED Digital Display Solutions

The perfect tools in which businesses communicate their brands along with their workplace and public health and safety.


Scan up to 120 people per minute. or up to 30 people per second

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Variance of ± 0.5° degrees Celsius (±0.9 degrees Fahrenheit) within 8.2 feet to 29.5 feet (2.5m to 9m)


Results from 2.5m to 9m (8.2 feet to 29.5 feet)


Fast 1sec measurement!

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With BRRiJ Solutions Inc., protecting one another has been the focal point of our existence. It is our duty to leverage the most advanced technical solution available, providing the layers of security that promote the safety of all.

We are devoted to taking care of one another and committed to preventing any threats; protecting what matters the most - our lives.

We ensure that the products within our solutions are among the best in the world, proven and tested; offering impeccable quality and precision.

We are passionate about creating and delivering high quality work, meeting the business needs of our clients and ensuring the very best for their customers.

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The world is changing the way we work

Get the infromation you need for health, safety, and good practices for the workplace.

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Preventing COVID-19 in the workplace

Pandemic Tip Sheets

Pandemic Tip Sheets

COVID-19 Signage

COVID-19 Signage

Employers & Workers Guidelines

Employers & Workers Guidelines