Technical Solutions for Workplaces/Businesses

BRRiJ Solutions Inc. is a technology-based organization transforming how businesses can easily access the necessary technical safety and security solutions aligned with the risk mitigation principles and public health advice of the Government of Canada for workplaces/businesses operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Niagara Falls, ON Canada / June 11, 2020 — BRRiJ Solutions Inc. announces today the launch of its innovative, solution-driven technology to support the collective approach to strengthen the risk mitigation measures for workplace/businesses and foster productivity overall. There is no disputing that COVID-19 has changed the landscape of many industries forever.

It is a necessity for businesses to have layered plans in place that strengthen physical distancing and communication of safety guidelines to protect workers, customers, and the general public. BRRiJ Solutions Inc. focuses on four technical solutions that are hyper-sensitive to the layered approach during this unprecedented business environment:

Thermal Screening Solutions

Aligned with public health advice and guidelines, BRRiJ delivers customizable technical solutions that detect human skin-surface temperature from terminal settings to high traffic areas and entranceways, screening/monitoring with speed and accuracy. BRRiJ Thermal Screening Solutions are all inclusive, providing both hardware and software needed, alongside the full professional installation and ongoing maintenance. Depending upon the needs of the business, these solutions range from single or group entry touch-free screening, to single access control touch-free systems and handheld devices.

Gesture Intelligent Solutions

In support of hand and respiratory hygiene, reshaping how people interact with various consumer devices is critical. BRRiJ Gesture Intelligent Solutions enable businesses to improve procedures and workflow, while bringing the added safety and security of contactless communication. The time is now to move beyond touch screens, allowing any person to interact with a device by interpreting human gestures and movements, such as movement of hands, fingers, arms, head, or the entire body. BRRiJ has developed conversion technologies suitable for most touch screen service systems, allowing contactless gesture-based interaction.

Business & Learning from Home Solutions

Connecting remotely in support of physical distancing is becoming more common.Having the right tools and securities is critical to keep operations and education moving forward. BRRiJ acts as a single trusted resource to assist businesses in securing the appropriate hardware, network integrations and ongoing security measures to keep cyber threats at bay, maintain optimal productivity and promote versatile learning environments.

LED Digital Display Solutions

There is no disputing that interactive visual devices wake and capture the most dormant audience. In support of strengthening communication strategies for employees, clients, and customers, BRRiJ offers businesses a unique approach to strategically outfitting their operation with the versatile usage of LED displays. It is incredibly energy efficient, highly customizable, and cost-effective. BRRiJ LED Digital Display Solutions are not only used for store signage, product displays, high-impact events, or revenue generation but also used as sophisticated tools for safety and risk mitigation communication within workplace and business environment.

As a result of their extensive network of professional partnerships and suppliers, BRRiJ is able to offer highly competitive and innovative solutions that would typically require multiple vendors. BRRiJ also provides end-to-end support, from assessment and installation all the way through to ongoing maintenance. BRRiJ ensures that every solution and installation is backed by the knowledge and expertise of the team.

With BRRiJ Solutions Inc., companies can bridge technology gaps and effectively transform their existing workspaces and consumer settings to meet the needs of today’s new normal.

We want to make it easier for companies to know not only what options are available, but which ones make the most sense for their specific organization. Technology changes so quickly and modifying that technology as your business adapts — especially during an unprecedented time like, this can be so costly when not implemented properly. Our team genuinely cares about the well-being of the community, and it’s what has motivated us to come together as one to be that trusted source for businesses.

- Julio Batres-Gavidia, Co-Founder

Looking at just one industry prior to COVID-19, Tourism in Ontario alone represented over 188,000 business and 391,000 employees — all serving more than 141 million visitors annually, responsible for generating $32.7 billion to Provincial GDP. As the province continues to move through its framework for reopening, these businesses are also preparing to welcome their staff and guests in the most safe and secure manner possible, rebuilding confidence amongst the public and pushing the economic envelope forward. BRRiJ is in a perfect position to facilitate the implementation of many of these solutions, not only to those in the Tourism industry but to all businesses seeking to enhance the preventative measures that will add layers of protection to their staff and consumers.

“This is a critical time and it’s important that we, as business owners, are modifying our workplaces, our services, and our process with security & safety in mind” said Batres-Gavidia.


We invite all media inquiries to contact our team via email at Media@BRRiJ.com.