Thermal Screening Solutions

We offer flexible thermal screening solutions that can be customized to meet your needs.

Our Solutions

Thermal Screening Solutions for Your Business

As businesses are encouraged to find creative and adaptive ways to mitigate risk in a workplace/business setting, layering multiple mitigation measures to strengthen your response to protecting your workforce and customers.

BRRiJ delivers customizable technical screening/monitoring solutions that detect human skin-surface temperature supporting your layered approached to strengthen your risk mitigation measures for your business. BRRiJ Thermal Screening Solutions assure quality performance with speed and accuracy and can be outfitted to meet your business configurations, from terminal settings to high traffic areas and entranceways. Detecting abnormal temperature is key to achieving a safe and healthy workplace and business environment.

BRRiJ Thermal Screening Solutions are all inclusive, providing both hardware and software needed, alongside the full professional installation and ongoing maintenance. Depending upon the needs of your business, these solutions range from single or group entry touch-free screening, to single access control touch-free systems and handheld devices.

Thermal Group Screening Systems

Group Entry Screening Systems

Support simultaneous temperature screening of multiple people, greatly enhancing efficiency. Ideal for high traffic entrance ways, large office buildings, shopping malls, staff and maintenance entrances for large public-serving organizations.

Thermal Single Entry

Single Entry Screening Systems

Support 1-1 screening for independent detection zones, single-file entrance ways and security checks. Ideal for restaurants, spas, salons, clinics, museums, courthouses, hotels, as well as airports, immigration building, and research stations.

Thermal Access Control

Single Access Control Systems

Support touch-free access to secure areas, connected to door locking mechanisms. Ideal for highly sensitive areas, such as private offices, boardrooms, and restricted areas.

Thermal Patrol

Patrol or Monitoring Systems

Support on-spot screening with portable, handheld options that can be used anytime, anywhere. Ideal for roaming resort guards, passenger terminals, tour operators, and transportation providers.